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About Us


BuyTogether.online is a FREE service that will connect users who are planning to purchase products/service from online. This will allow you to get the products/service with a cheaper shipping fees (by splitting the shipping fees) or even receive a free shipping (by making a minimum purchase for free shipping together with another user).

For safety purpose(s), 

  • We highly recommend you to connect with people only on campus (i.e, contact them through myBCIT email) 
  • The person who is ordering (paying ahead) should ask a deposit from the other person. Likewise, the person who paid the deposit have to make sure how to contact the other person. 
  • Worst case scenario, most of the website will accept a refund if the other person didn’t show up after you placed the order. 
  • BuyTogether.online will take no responsibility on any consequences. BuyTogether.online ONLY connects the users online and will not take part in anything else.

  • F.A.Q

    Q: How do I get a cheap/free shipping? 

    A: You can post the product/website that you are buying from together with a contact information on our system. If another user plans to purchase it from the same seller/website, that user will contact you. Depending on the website that you will be ordering, you might be able to split the shipping cost between the each other or even receive a free shipping as the total amount is eligible for free shipping.

    Q: Is it actually free? 

    A: YES, absolutely free with no hidden gimmicks. Whether you are browsing the listings page or posting, it’s completely free to use.

    Q: How do we make money?

    A: We have Google AdSense integrated into our website. You will see a few days while browsing the listings page.

    Q: What if you want to make some money? 

    A: Ah!, you actually can! If you are subscribed for a membership (example: Amazon Prime), you can also post that you will charge $X/order and if they are interested in it, they will contact you. 

    More questions? No problemo, fill out the Contact Us form or Tweet us.